No jobs for baby boomers

What does it take to get a job in the Mid-Ohio Valley? President Obama has said many times in his speeches the economy is getting better and there were so many thousands of job created. Well I would like to know where they are. He also says we need to get our children the education they need so they will be able to get that job. Well what about the baby boomers? Where are the jobs for us? The majority of us baby boomers didn’t go to college. We graduated from high school and went straight out into the work field. College was for those who were going into a specified field.

Now plants are closing down and the baby boomers have lost their jobs. What are we supposed to do? President Obama didn’t think about us. They say we should go back to college and get a degree in another field. Well for some of us by the time we get done getting an associate degree or a four-year college degree we will be 60 years or older. Who is going to hire someone who is close to retiring?

I have been on job interviews where I have spent an hour or more in the interview and then the next day get an email saying the position has been filled. They called me to come in for the interview so I assume I had the qualifications they were looking for. If I didn’t have the qualifications, then why call. One position I applied for I had the qualifications they were looking for, no college degree needed, still not hired. When asked why got some answer like “someone with more qualifications.”

I believe it was because of my age. Oh the employer won’t tell you that was the reason, but they do have a way around that. Employers favorite reasons is, “We found someone with better qualifications, or you don’t meet our criteria.” Then sometimes a month or two down the road I see the same position I interviewed for open again. Instead of getting experienced, older workers in who will do the job, employers want people with college degrees even though they don’t have the experience.

Employers need to start hiring the baby boomers again. We have the experience and are willing to work.

Jo Brownfield