Never give a sucker a break

I received a most surprising letter today from the mayor of Vienna. In it, he admitted the lack of follow through by the city for those who failed to properly register their vehicles in West Virginia and used Ohio or other states year after year while living here. He blamed it on the tax assessor’s office, who blamed it on a lack of money for at least the past two years.

Why does this matter? Easy, for those who try to do the right thing year after year; paying high excise taxes on their vehicles; paying higher insurance rates due to the many who have no insurance or getting cheaper coverage in other states; those who do not pay the high cost of new tags/vehicle inspections and registration here.

The logo of Wood County/Vienna should be “never give a sucker an even break.” When either the city or the tax assessor knows about improperly licensed vehicles, unlicensed dogs/dogs without rabies tags, or people who just put their garbage in their vehicles and dump it who knows where – they do nothing. For those who do it right, they should be glad they have the morals, integrity and honesty to do what is right, no matter how costly or inconvenient. I for one commend those fine individuals.

For the mayor, his animal warden and questionably nonperforming police department – shame. For the tax assessor who can give raises to his department, including his brother (anyone ever hear of nepotism); maybe he should have hired somebody? Yet cannot ensure that all pay their fair share of taxes in whatever form – shame. Yet we all remember the county commission recently crying poor mouth because of declining revenues? Here we have those who follow the rules and then the many who do not even try to hide their wrong doings as they know no one will come knocking.

Lawrence Wilson