GOP sticks it to average people

The president took Medicare, which was generally well liked, added RomneyCare, turned it over to private enterprise for administration, and Republicans howled. Go figure.

What was the IRS hullabaloo all about? The law clearly states that political parties do not qualify for tax exempt status. Plus, the IRS director at the time was a Bush appointee. I guess the president does deserve criticism for retaining someone appointed by our worst president ever.

The one – and only one – assertion the NRA makes regarding gun control that has a smidgen of validity is “Guns don’t kill people, people kill people.” The same can be said for motor vehicles. So what has society done to protect itself? We must register, license and insure our motor vehicles. Operators must be licensed. Proof of all this must be instantly available if stopped by the police. Hmmm, suppose the government is setting us up so they can confiscate our cars? If these steps are good enough for our cars, why not for ..?

When Republican congressmen are queried about solving the deficit, the very first words out of their mouth are, “We must gut, or do away with, Obamacare.” This is followed closely by drastically altering Social Security. In other words, “stick it to the average person” – about 90 percent of us! It would be refreshing, if they would say, “First, we must do away with stashing cash in the Caymans and elsewhere, solely for avoiding taxes, along with tax breaks for dancing horses. Corporate welfare, along with paying farmers not to grow a certain crop should also be looked at.” For more than seven decades I’ve never had a garden. Why shouldn’t I qualify for hundreds of thousands of dollars in farm subsidies? I have dutifully followed the “No Grow” rule.

We are constantly hearing about the high cost of Obamacare. How do the critics know this when it’s still not been fully implemented? A big factor in health care costs is us – the public. Some doctors, some hospitals, and some members of the public are scamming the system. May I refer you to Time magazine March 4. They devoted 30-some pages to this very subject. They picture a pill on the magazine cover that they say costs hospitals 1.5 cents. Hospitals mark it up 10,000 percent! Hopefully the private companies that are handling Obamacare will quickly get this under control.

Don C. Lowe