Finish Stadium Field work

I am concerned over the looming failure of Stadium Field to be completed on time, if ever. The residents of Parkersburg are being asked to donate on the street, at the school and online via Paypal.

Where are the big benefactors who came forward in the past? The artificial turf was funded to the tune of over $1.5 million. The fancy scoreboard was funded also by outsiders.

Now it is up to individuals to come up with $200,000 by mid-August. If every PHS alum donates $10, we are told it will happen. Well, I want to go on record as donating $100 online and I didn’t even go to PHS, but I sent around 4,000 former students during my 30 years as a Wood County teacher. Now I am on a fixed income with medical expenses.

What’s your excuse for not helping out our city school?

Bob Wharton