Eyesore property a danger

I am a resident of Walker where I have lived most of my life. Across the road from my house is a store that has been abandoned for at least 10 years. This place is grown up swampy and in the summer becomes infested with mosquitoes. I am not able to have family over for cookouts due to this problem. When I try to have an outing everyone leaves within an hour because they are eaten up by mosquitoes, not to mention that mosquitoes carry the West Nile disease.

For two years, I have called the health department to have this issue addressed with no luck, not even a return phone call. I know there are land codes that property owners have to follow, both inside city limits and in rural areas. When I first moved onto the land that I presently live I had to follow instructions on how to put in my septic tank and then had to have it inspected, but the property across the road can have a smelly, mosquito-infested swamp and leave old gas storage tanks in the ground and nothing can be done.

The health department dictates what a person can and cannot do on their own property, but a complaint is received about an issue and it is ignored. Why?

It seems as if some people are exempt from laws and land ordinances. This is not fair to property owners that obey the laws and want to keep a nice place and the neighboring place is an eyesore.

James F. Miller