Don’t send games to Marietta

I’m writing concerning the Parkersburg Big Reds playing their football games this season. I know before Parkersburg South had their own stadium they played on Parkersburg Big Reds field. The Big Reds called it their field for how many years? Now that Parkersburg South has their own field and it was bought by a private individual and South calls it their stadium. But the Big Reds don’t like that.

We all know that PHS stadium needs work done to it. Now, it’s almost time for football season to start and Parkersburg Big Reds are complaining they have no field to play their games on because the work has not been completed. They’re waiting on someone to come forward with hundreds of thousands dollars to finish fixing the stadium. What about Parkersburg South when they didn’t have a stadium to play at and call their own? You didn’t hear South complaining about not having a field to call their own.

But it seems like every time PHS starts complaining about their field, no matter what the cost or what it is, PHS gets their way. PHS needs to quit acting like babies and lose their pride and go play on the Erickson field. They don’t need to go to Marietta to play. Why give another state West Virginia’s money?

Not only will Marietta field get all the money for the admissions for the game, they will more likely get something to eat in Marietta before the game. So let’s keep the money in West Virginia and in our town.

The Parkersburg Big Reds just need to step down and lose their pride and play at the Erickson field. When Parkersburg South didn’t have a field you didn’t hear them crying like babies because they didn’t have one. Now they got a field thanks for the Erickson Foundation. Parkersburg High doesn’t like it.

Not one time did the board of education call Parkersburg Big Reds Stadium South and PHS stadium. It was always called Parkersburg High Stadium. So the board of education needs to stop and think before sending the Big Reds to Marietta to play their game. Let’s keep the money in our hometown, not another state.

John D. McIntyre