Climate change is real

I’ve listened to U.S. Rep. David McKinley saying it’s no use even trying to do anything about climate change because China and India will keep polluting the air with carbon anyway. I’d like to say to him there is a way to make China and India clean up their act. Just put a good, old-fashioned high tariff on all the junk they make over there to sell here. That, of course, will take political courage and too many in Congress are afraid of the corporations that profit from this so-called free trade. Another good reason to get corporate money out of our political system.

There are always plenty of loud voices that are well paid to keep saying climate change is no big deal or not man-made. I sure wish I could believe them but the facts say otherwise. Climate change is very real and very, very scary and now is the time for both parties to come to a consensus and to take action.

There is no reason why conservatives shouldn’t be just as concerned. All of our grandchildren will have to live on this same planet.

William Dwyer