A gate and a street issue

I am writing in response to your editorial that appeared in The Parkersburg News on July 25. In it you stated you thought Joe Santer was wrong in his statement about the Wyndemere situation being a street issue and expressed your opinion it is a gate issue. Being a resident of Wyngate, I think you are both wrong – it is a gate and a street issue, especially if you live at Wyngate.

One reason I moved here six years ago was because it was very handy for me to drive to places I need to go; down 12th Street to the bank, my doctor, my dentist, the grocery store, the mall, etc. As the street deteriorated I continued to use it until conditions become so bad I was forced to buy new tires. The next thing we knew, the street was closed and the gate was no longer in use.

At the time I wondered who up here had the authority to close a city-owned street. Eventually the name K2 emerged and we know what that means. Why are they allowed to close a public street? Do they know someone the rest of us don’t know? What kind of influence do they have?

This letter has become longer than I intended but maybe you can advise me as to who can answer these questions. Either that or the authorities that be will continue to be intimidated by the few.

Barbara A. Grant