A decision for PHS to make

A gentleman from south Parkersburg wrote a letter to the editor Aug. 18 complaining about PHS playing a home football game in the Marietta stadium. He thought this was a bad idea because it would take revenue from West Virginia and waste it in Ohio. He said it was sad to hear all the complaining coming from PHS supporters because PHS suddenly didn’t have a home field for football. And he reminded all the readers about all those years South was forced to play their home games at Stadium Field. And he told us South never complained about that inconvenience.

What planet was this guy living on in the early years of South football? I remember frequent complaints from South about that very subject. And the complaints continued for years until South built their own facility. South resented playing their home games in the Big Reds back yard all those years and anyone claiming otherwise is just plain uninformed.

Now, about that PHS decision to play in Marietta….that was a decision for PHS to make. I’m sure that decision was not made in a vacuum. I’d bet the ranch it got careful review at every level. And everyone I’ve talked to applauds that move. But playing in Marietta was a PHS decision. Period! No outside opinions were solicited and none were needed, before or after the fact.

And about those PHS complaints this guy mentioned. Personally, I haven’t heard any complaints. I heard annoyance expressed at the speed with which money was being raised and that, of course, influenced the speed of construction. But I’ve heard no complaints about the scope, management, justification or direction of the project. The PHS alumni will get their act together, eventually. They usually do. When that alumni starts hitting on all cylinders, the Big Reds will again have the best high school football facility in the state.

Ralph Chambers