Spay and neuter your pets

I do agree with them on the “Save A Kitty” and feral cats are getting out of hand, but it is not the feral cat program that is at fault for trapping, spaying and neutering these cats. How do you suppose they should get rid of the cat population? Have open cat season and shoot them?

I am not involved with this program but have had cats in my home for the past 40 years and have never let them run the streets. I agree also that the city leaders should be involved in cleaning up some of the urine and feces of the city by starting with a law to clean up some of the owners that cause these cats to produce. It is just like drugs and alcohol education – the more we preach it and teach it, the more people drink and drug.

The more the humane societies and those of us that believe in spaying and neutering your animals for a healthier family and environment for Parkersburg and surrounding areas, the more people turn their unwanted cats in the streets. Yes, I understand that most people don’t know who the cats belong to but some of us do. We have neighbors two blocks down that have cats running everywhere and they leave their front door open so they can come and go as they please and produce more instead of altering them. And they can’t understand it when litters of kittens keep dying or disappearing! I hate it when cats visit my property and leave their smell when I have always kept my animals indoors and in a fenced yard.

Just saying – don’t put the blame on the people that can’t take everyone else’s unwanted cats into their homes but do the best they can to try and fix and release them,. They cannot do it all by themselves. Owners – spay and neuter!

Charlotte Hickman