Help with lost dog appreciated

On June 17, our dog Coco ran away from home. We realized that she was missing in the early afternoon. After hours do searching, we notified animal control and the Vienna Police Department. An email was quickly sent out to patrol cars to watch for her.

On June 18, she was spotted in the vicinity of Home Depot in Vienna. A lady named Chandra had tried to help catch her but was unable to. We passed out flyers to so many businesses that allowed us to put up a picture and information on Coco. Tammy posted the flyer on Facebook, which had over 13,000 hits.

Friends and family spent countless hours searching for her. After being missing for 15 days, a lady named Teresa, who works at Pet Supplies Plus, saw Coco on her way to work around Mattress Express in Vienna. When she arrived at work, she noticed the flyer with Coco’s picture and called me to let me know that she had seen her. I immediately went to Mattress Express with several family members and we found her within two minutes of arriving there.

Without the help of everyone, we wouldn’t have been able to get Coco back.

David Trembly