Doing the real work of God

There have been many, including more specifically in this paper, who have decried the recent ruling of the Supreme Court’s decision to say “defining marriage as between a man and a woman” was unconstitutional. Some have even suggested it was a pathway to some sort of medieval, draconian reference of pure satanic evil. This very same person also suggested the United States of America was founded by God-fearing people to do God’s work. I suppose that “God’s work” included slavery, oppression of women and burning of “witches” at the stake.

The question I raise to us all, is wouldn’t “God’s work” be better served as being a beacon of love and hope rather than a judgmental, erroneous accusation that because of someone’s orientation they are straight from Satan’s bosom? I can point out many more “Christians” who are far more evil than most of my homosexual friends.

This country was founded on difference, not on uniformity. We are not a Christian nation. Christians are in the majority perhaps, but even that is changing. Any sort of reference to the Judeo-Christian God, or any references to Jesus (of which there are none in any sort of official government documents that founded this country) has been a recent (20th century) development. “In God We Trust” on money and saying the pledge with “under God” are both 20th century ideas. Even the Declaration of Independence says “endowed by our CREATOR” not by “God” or “Jesus.” It is frankly un-American to press religious beliefs through the courts, which are supposed to be based on reason and justice.

Before others will judge me, which baffles me because it’s directly against the words of Christ himself, I am not a “Godless heathen.” I believe I have redemption through Jesus. However, the sort of viewpoint that has only an absolute answer to civil matters is a dangerous one indeed.

Rob Howard