Appreciate our VFDs

On the evening of July 4, our house took a direct lightning strike, causing extreme damage to the roof structure and interior ceilings. The damage continued throughout the electrical and electronics equipment within the house.

Our emergency call to 911 was immediately directed to the Lubeck Volunteer Fire Department; equipment and manpower was on site within minutes. Professional training was evident as they began to orchestrate their various responsibilities. Immediately upon arrival, individuals were on the roof, inside the house and in the basement with the protective gear. Damage assessment, equipment and supply needs were being communicated. Throughout the evening, on-site communications with the base facility was ongoing, in the event of additional needs.

The speed and efficiency of the crew on the roof prevented catastrophic water damage to the inside of the house. Personnel in the basement located a smoldering fire inside a metal cabinet and promptly extinguished it. Those inside the house were searching for “hot spots” and assessing damage.

Extended lengths of praise to the Lubeck Volunteer Fire Department could not express our gratitude for their sacrificial service on a rainy holiday evening. These men and women serve as volunteers, relying in part on our contributions to afford them the equipment, protective gear and training necessary to handle a host of emergencies. I urge each family to contribute to their respective fire department. You may find yourself on the receiving end of their services.

Paul Jones

Washington, W.Va.