Using a church as a political tool

I recently read where the distillery that was to open in Ravenswood was a no go due to zoning restrictions. However, that was not the real reason.

The truth is Mr. Hensley is using his church as a political tool to put pressure on the city for his own personal agenda and beliefs. One using this logic would have to ask about Dollar General store, located down the road from Mr. Hensley’s church, selling alcohol across the street from 2nd Baptist Church and Heritage Christian Academy, do they in turn have to shut down?

Whenever you hurt the vast majority of people, in this case, the city of Ravenswood, for your own beliefs, and in this case, only a few, it’s just not right. If it’s alcohol that’s concerning Mr. Hensley, need he not forget in the book of John 2:2-10, “Jesus made buckets of water into wine for the wedding of Cana of Galilee.” This is something to think about.

After hearing the distillery was to move to Fairplain, Mr. Hensley thanked the Good Lord. The Good Lord had nothing to do with it.

Tim Elkins