Taking part in county’s history

If you did not have a chance to take the short drive to Mountwood Park to visit the archeological dig conducted by Dr. Erickson and her students from Hocking College on the grounds of the former Stiles family “Thornhill estate” last summer, you missed out on a very interesting part of Wood County history.

Fortunately the Friends of Mountwood have obtained grants from various foundations to continue the excavation work for the third summer. Once again they are opening the dig to people who want to get their gloves dirty and sift through the soil looking for more pieces of history. If digging is not your thing you are more than welcome to observe.

During the digs, many artifacts have been found, which are now housed in the one-room log museum that was financed and built by the Mountwood Park board. The Friends of Mountwood volunteers chose the artifact displays and provide the public with information on the park during hours the museum is open to the public. A trip through the museum is a must before setting out for the site to learn the history of the town of Volcano and appreciate how important the dig has been in unearthing part of its oil boom history.

This year the Stiles Estate Archaeological Dig will be conducted by Dr. Erickson for two weeks: the first week, June 10-13, and the following week, June 17-20. To add to the fun for young and old alike, the Friends of Mountwood committee will hold a picnic for all archeological dig participants.

I took a trip up the hill last fall to view the Stiles estate foundation that had been unearthed after being overgrown for many years. It boggles the mind to see how fantastic this estate was in such a remote area and how hard the Friends have worked to clear the site for all to enjoy. After seeing how much this small group had accomplished, I decided to give them my support by joining this summer.

The best part of the adventure is it is free. All you have to do is log onto the friendsofmountwood.com site to get a registration form or call 304-485-5465 for more information.

Pat Carder