Helping transplant patients

My family recently lost another cousin to polycystic kidneys, a common hereditary disease that utterly destroys the kidneys. That makes nine of us in my lifetime. Medical science is making strides toward finding a cure, but more research money is needed. Getting funding is no easy task with our politically divided and deadlocked Congress.

Another problem is that people who have had a kidney transplant have to pay $900 a month for their anti-rejection medicine. Most insurance companies and Medicare won’t pay for it and that causes real hardship. Medicine costs too much in this country, often paid for by those who can the least afford it so that a few can get very rich.

There have been attempts in Congress to pass legislation to extend Medicare coverage for drugs for transplant patients, but they have gone nowhere. It would save money in the long run to cover the cost of this medicine because it costs 10 times as much to keep these people on dialysis and Medicare does pay for that.

This is one of those places where call to Congress can help. My family and thousands of others will surely appreciate it.

William Dwyer