Godbey fields need work

My daughter has played softball in Wood County since she was old enough to play. Sitting down at Don Godbey fields at a game is so sad any more; the fields don’t get taken care of like they should and softball is no longer of any importance to that complex.

We go to Mineral Wells and Worthington and they take pride in their softball events and work hard to keep the complex looking good. I come from a small town and they even take pride of its softball fields. The reason we haven’t got the girls and the excitement any more is because south-siders don’t care about that unless you play Pee Wee football or baseball or unless you are on a traveling team. What are we suppose to do with the kids who just want to play and learn and cannot afford those traveling teams … push them under the bridge?

The kids want to be taught and want to play and be noticed, but as we were told by a high school coach, if we want our girl to play softball in high school, you best get her on a traveling team. Wow, to be told that was a slap in the face because my girl, among others, is very good, but if we can’t afford it, I guess we are out! A least that is what I took from that statement. Little League used to be the place they were taught and were proud to say I played, but now unless you are rich or have the right name, I guess you are out of luck. And everybody wonders why kids are like they are – well because the adult pays for everything and heck with the kids who can’t!

Let’s get the Don Godbey fields back like they were – filled every weekend with rec teams, concessions stands open at every game, fields being taken care of and pride brought back to south side for the Little League, not just football and baseball but softball as well.

I love watching the game and the smile on these girls’ faces. I’m ready to be proud to say my daughter plays at Don Godbey. Coaches who care and teachers and parents who spend time enjoying their children grow up playing sports.

Vernice Trippett