Choose love over hate

The announcement in the June 1 paper of a planned interfaith service in connection with MOV Pride celebrations has generated both interest and controversy. People of all faiths (including those seeking, doubting or unsure of faith) are invited to attend the service in a spirit of grace, a quest for peace and an attitude of love for one another.

Sadly, some ungracious responses to this event will possibly take place. It should be clearly understood that any point of view contrary to a love of neighbor is totally inappropriate – particularly in a faith context. Any such demonstration, in the style akin to that of the Westboro Baptist Church, is reflective of an unfortunate and hurtful mindset, is mean-spirited and does not reflect the love and grace of God.

It is especially unfortunate and tragic when such hate-filled rhetoric is offered in the name of Jesus. Messages of condemnation and hatred are contrary to the way of Jesus and are, in fact, anti-Christian. None of us are perfect, and all of us can learn to cast away hurtful thoughts, feelings, statements, and actions.

We have the power to choose either to love or to hate. Choose to love one another.

Stephen Peck

Washington, W.Va.