Ban smoking at public parks

I am writing as a concerned parent of a young child. Over the past few months, I have been writing to several of our state officials and also the Wood County Health Department and Board of Health, asking that tobacco products be banned in area parks.

Our child enjoys playing in the local parks. Unfortunately, our child is constantly exposed to people who chose to smoke in the child-designated play areas. This should not be! Children deserve to do what children do best: play. They should be allowed to play safely, without harm and worry of second-hand smoke. They deserve a clean area in which to play, not one littered with tobacco products.

I grew up in a house with tobacco users. My dad smoked a pipe, and my mom smoked cigarettes. I constantly suffered with swollen tonsils and sore throats.

I urge everyone who feels as I do to please contact your local city councils and county commissioners. Please let them know that you are concerned, also. I hope that we can give our children a great place to live and play.

Brenda Jones

Washington, W.Va.