A Taj Mahal to arrogance

At the Vienna City Council meeting of the 23rd, I provided a six page handout to each member of the council. Items covered were the oath of office; mandatory recycling program by state law and city ordnance; city ordnance for mandatory recycling; mandatory $5 charge to replace a damaged/destroyed bin(s). Also asked why residences of four or more families and businesses were exempt as against state law.

Why did I do this? Because two weeks ago, a city council member inferred that my comments on some of the above were lies. Of course the council would not address any of my comments or questions on these issues. And I still am questioning the over collections of $60,000-plus during the current contract.

Now the city recorder was very quick to call me on my five minute time limit, yet shortly after that, a police sergeant spoke for 10-15 minutes on some of the officers complaining about their fear they were not getting their new longevity pay properly. Point is that when it is paid to everyone on the same day each year, it is not so much longevity as just one of two or more pay raises given to the city employees. And after giving almost $2,000 in raises starting in July 2013 the city council has now given thousands and thousands more to the department heads. The never ending corruption in the city just goes on and on.

Listening to the police sergeant and council going back and forth on the “longevity” raise and the refusal to address my numerous examples of the city council breaking state law and city ordinances shows the city priorities. Spend, spend and spend some more.

I questioned on no money budgeted for the 28th Street bridge which is now a safety issue as the 15 ton weight limit prevents the fire department from being as prompt in a fire. Yet, plenty of money for a police annex ($600-800K); new public works building at $400K. Offered several common sense options to the bells and whistles for the annex since what is needed is the protection of the emergency response police vehicle. Instead the mayor wants trophy case; kitchenette; tiered seating for meetings (Charleston has them) and record storage. My ideas on better utilizing city space/facilities were ignored. A Taj Mahal to arrogance is apparently more important?

Lawrence Wilson