A solution for Guantanamo

This week President Obama was harping again about closing Guantanamo Bay but yet cannot figure out what to do with the people we have been keeping there. Of course he also wants to point his finger at Congress for not dealing with the problem. Funny how he seems to know who is at fault with this but doesn’t have a clue about who is at fault for the IRS, AP and Benghazi situations, but I digress.

I’ll tell you what the president can do. If there is reason to put these people on trial, bring them to the states and put them on trial. I don’t care if the citizens of various states don’t want them to be brought here. I doubt Arizona wants Jodi Arias or that California wants Charles Manson, but that’s the way it is. So charge the detainees at Gitmo or release them.

But then the politically correct people will bring up that no one wants the detainees. I say to those people, “so what?” If there is a detainee from Afghanistan that we won’t put on trial, then fly him back to Afghanistan and strap a parachute on him. When they get somewhere safe, throw him out and say good luck. If our government took these people from these places then they can dump them back off.

If any of these solutions don’t fly with our government then there is at least one last solution we can use. Since our government wants to act tyrannical in regards to the detainees then go all the way. Take them down to the Cuban beach, give Congress one last chance and then the countries where they came from one last chance and if no one wants them, shoot them in the head. There, problem solved.

James Kendall