Held to a higher standard

I went to Vienna City Council meeting on April 25; spent seven or eight minutes questioning how the council could allegedly overcharge community $60,000-plus in recycling fees over the life of current contract, then have the gall to charge a person another $5 to replace a damaged/destroyed recycle bin.

I did not get to point on where even though the city no longer had animal warden for several months and had turned over that job to humane society, still took the money for that purpose. This in violation of state law; now it only amounted to the $3/year /dog, to the city, but still another example of council grabbing every penny it can get year after year. I was advised finally by the mayor to summarize my comments for that evening as I had exceeded my five minutes.

I had thrown out some words like “duty, honor and country”; council could not seem to understand what so many of the common folks did about serving their country; in this case as elected positions. When I got to littler words like “morals, integrity and ethics,” it appeared I lost them completely. Advised one had to sell, barter, trade, give away their honor; it could not be taken from a person. Yet, when the minutes of the meeting finally were posted, my comments were sanitized to hide my points.

This is just another example of the council hiding what they are doing with the taxpayers’ money; how the voters were misled and the residents are pretty much on their own if not connected through as neighbors, co-workers, cronies or special interest groups in the city. If, and I repeat, if, the people really knew how their dollars and votes are squandered in Vienna, impeachment might be a viable option to get representation?

I noted that the five groups deserving the most were residents, taxpayers, voters, city staff and finally the council. Instead the priorities are city staff, council, voters (need to get re-elected don’t they?), taxpayers and the residents at the bottom. In fact in an ongoing issue on the mayor’s integrity, ethics and morals, I ask why the mayor has the city attorney representing him against the residents of the city? If he wishes to declare personal privacy, should he not pay for his own representation? When one serves the public, one owes a much higher standard.

Lawrence Wilson