Write a big check

Don’t say you’re for it. Put your money where your lips are. Write a big check. Get your name on something to show for it. Windbags are a dime a dozen. We know.

That $765,000 for pay raises – pony it up for the stadium. Another bond issue – give the seniors a break. Only people owning property, receipt in hand, should vote for these types of revenue grabs. Don’t talk about a 1 percent tax on the poor and everybody else and what they eat. Get some of those jobs that are bantered about, from everyone. Make those two- and three-jobbers and retirees gathering checks from everywhere do some things for zero.

I want to mention again – young working people have been PR’d to forget about Social Security. It won’t be there upon retirement. Give me a break. Social Security, in truth, is an insurance policy for the worker and family. Upon retiring it becomes part of your pension planning and hospital care at age 65. Social Security is not an entitlement and never will be. Because it is your money paid in every payday, the more you put in, the more “or higher” pension or payout you get.

Eugene A. DiClemente