Speeders are dangerous

Speed limit 25? Let’s go 45! Speed limit 55, how about going 85? Speed limit 65, we can go 90! Travel the speed limit and there’s a good chance you will get run down or a dozen dirty gestures. Let’s make every road an autobahn and we won’t even need speed limits!

Seems like where ever you drive, 95 percent of people are in a big hurry to get somewhere, even if it’s only two miles down the road, traveling at least 20 to 30 miles an hour over the speed limit, and a good chance a lot of them have been drinking. Maybe if we made the speed limit about 40 on an interstate, people might drive the posted 70. Even on the short little neighborhood street I live on, posted speed limit 25, I see people driving down it at least doing 40 or maybe 45.

Where are the cops? Who knows? I know they are busy these days but, come on, is it not against the law to speed anymore? We see more and more nasty accidents now, gee I wonder why? Law enforcement wouldn’t have to commit their whole shift just on traffic, but if they would just try to send a small statement to everyone that speeding is not OK, maybe all of our lives would be a little safer on the highway.

Harry Stephens