Regarding God and AR-15s

Will the killing of our fellow Americans ever subside? Since 1980, over 1 million of us have been killed, which excludes military deaths.

As a so-called Christian nation, does not God’s Sixth Commandment, “thou shall not kill” have any impact upon us at all? Maybe we think God has rescinded the commandment, but I do not think so. In God’s giving of every mortal the breath of life, he also caused all mortals, no matter how remote, to know it’s wrong to lie, steal, commit adultery, and so on.

Regardless, we go on killing. Why? Possibly out of fear, and thus we have in our possession between 200 and 300 million weapons. If it is out of fear, allow me to allay your fears, because in my lifetime the odds are infinitesimally slight that you will ever be overtaken in your home; and should you be, Vice President Joe Biden is correct: a double-barreled shotgun will suffice. He is correctly setting the record straight on semi-automatic rifles. Regrettably, Congress in its current gun legislation will do nothing about semi-automatic rifles with large magazines.

I abhor such rifles. I believe they are for police and military only. I lost a co-worker and friend who came to Parkersburg to aid with our work. He was transferred to Miami and was soon killed in working a bank robbery with a co-worker. Jerry Dove, my friend, and Ben Grogan, Jerry’s co-worker, were both killed by the robbers’ AR-15.

Since the Bible is so popular these days, thanks to the History Channel, allow me to cite God’s commandment again: “Thou shall not kill.”

John Bryan