Practicing what we preach

Our whole country now knows the infamous name Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. The acts he committed were disgusting, cowardly and vile. However, my Baptist faith teaches me that God still loves him in spite of his ungodly actions. Furthermore, he can ask God through Jesus Christ for forgiveness and total moral redemption for his horrible deeds.

Therefore, if that be your same Christian belief, then I urge you to send him a card in care of the hospital where he is confined affirming to him that God still loves him and will forgive him if he repents and renounces his evil deeds. However, as part of his redemption, I urge him to demonstrate to our country that he will do whatever is necessary to ameliorate the unspeakable horror that his acts caused.

I suggest sending the card registered so that the sender’s name is clearly revealed so that the letter does not cause alarm. I am mailing my card today. And you?

William B. Richardson