Good treatment at hospital

Several months ago my wife, Vera, discovered something out of the ordinary. She immediately went to the doctor. As expected, yes, it was cancer.

Her doctor immediately began treatment: chemo, radiation. Meanwhile, at a Christmas function, I asked my brother-in-law, an ordained minister, to anoint her with oil and pray. (James 5:14-15.) “And with faith the Lord will raise them up, even forgiving any sins.

In the next trip to the doctor, he reported, “There is no sign of cancer,” calling it remission. Later, talking with two friends, they replied, “Praise the Lord,” I said, “That was my comment exactly.”

I wish to comment on the care we received at Camden-Clark. Friends of both Vera and I gave us advice-“You’ll want to to to St. Louis, Chicago, Philly”, etc. I’m certain they were trying to be helpful and we appreciated their concern, but I’d had good experience at the hospital, including a beautiful daughter and a swell son.

I normally accompany Vera to the hospital and they always treated her us swell, supplying coffee, hot chocolate and snacks. I’m contemplating volunteering, perhaps a day each week, either in the lobby or shuttling.

Jay B. Wilson