Fewer race delays appreciated

Getting physically fit and staying physically fit is a lifelong chore for all of us. I have always been a strong believer in the concept of maintaining ourselves as best as possible. Watch what you eat, don’t allow yourself to get overweight, try to exercise every day, get annual routine exams, etc.

Being of this mindset, I have always thought it good that we have all the various running and jogging events in the Ohio Valley. These events are beneficial for good quality health maintenance. However, about a year ago, I had a very unpleasant experience with the Vienna police at the Vienna Road Run.

The morning of the road run, I had an important appointment and I got stopped on Grand Central Avenue in traffic being held up to accommodate the run. The officer that I observed was holding traffic and not allowing vehicles to move, even when no runners or walkers were anywhere to be seen. This was generating an unnecessary delay. I expressed my dissatisfaction to the officer and he subsequently had me arrested for blowing my horn one time and expressing my dissatisfaction.

This year, I have carefully made note of the fact that several changes were made in the traffic control for the event. The Vienna police did not stop traffic for 55 minutes at a time and keep motorists waiting when no runners could be seen. By keeping traffic stops to a minimum, everyone could accomplish their morning chores. I have expressed my congratulations to Randy Rapp for the improved traffic flow and he has said he is trying to get some things cleaned up in Vienna.

I regret the unfortunate events I was forced through a year ago, and I do appreciate the more logical changes that have been made and I hope the changes will continue for future Vienna Road Runs.

Jim Weigle