Voter ID not an inconvenience

I was in a doctor’s office recently and I heard the receptionist call for a patient and ask for insurance cards and a photo ID. I have been asked, as have other travelers, to supply photo ID when flying. It is a nuisance, but the names on the ticket must match the name on the ID.

I have been asked to supply photo ID when cashing a check. All driver’s licenses have pictures for identification purposes. Stores require photo ID when using a credit card for paying bills. When going to hospitals for medical care a photo ID is often asked for. Sounds like a good idea? Not if you are part of the Democratic Party and are fighting voter ID laws for verification of the identity of the one who wants to vote.

The opponents of voter ID have used the argument it is racist, it is to suppress voter turnout. But I’m afraid the main reason for not requiring voter ID is to encourage voter fraud. We must have some sort of voter ID that is foolproof. While people have come to America for freedoms not enjoyed in their native lands, we are cheapening the value of freedom and are encouraging voter fraud. I wonder how many illegal immigrants voted in this last election. Then there is the recent video of the poll worker in a Cincinnati area precinct that admitted on camera to have voted five or six times and had the ignorant audacity to say it was perfectly legal to do.

I feel privileged to have been born in America. I am proud to be an American. I am a veteran. America has been the best hope for freedom and opportunity in the world, and always allowed legal immigrants the opportunity to partake of this concept of freedom. If more of our politicians shared those ideals of greatness we would be in a better position to continue to be the “beacon on the hill.” But our current leaders want to fundamentally change America. Into what? A socialistic model of failure, a European-style bankrupt nation. A nation that no longer leads the world.

We are in dire straights and need to rediscover our heritage. There is still time, but many people will have to change their thinking and strive to return America to that great nation that God intended, and our Founding Fathers envisioned. We certainly need a spiritual revival in America.

Bill Fulton