Mass killings in America

Too often it has become part of our national news headlines. Mass killings seem to be occurring more often as our nation continues to lose its moral foundation. The news media and citizens are seemingly shocked when it happens. But as a nation, are we really traumatized and shocked by these recurring killings?

You may say, “of course we are!” But our very own actions do not mirror our perceived disdain and pain. Mass killings seem to be OK, depending on who is doing the killing and who is being killed; America suffers from, “selective mass killing syndrome.”

In our attempt to hide our cancer-ridden nation, we blame. But the blame game can only work for so long; like a leg infected with gangrene, the smell of rotten flesh is now too apparent; we can no longer hide our decaying country, the localize death and decomposition of our life in America has long ago entered the blood-stream and is now affecting this countries major organs.

We as a nation have long ago decided mass killings in the United States of America is OK. It was decided in 1973 by Roe vs Wade. Abortion since that time has taken the lives of over 50 million American babies. Every single day in America 3,700 babies are killed, yet we hear nothing about it, why? It’s because our approved, well-educated, professionals clean up the mess. The blood is cleaned up quickly, tables are wiped down, instruments of death are sterilized, making it as clean and safe as possible for the next baby host.

The weapons of choice are blamed first, then mental health comes in at a distant second, unless we are talking about our doctors of death. Yes, it’s different for them, the instruments are not blamed they are bought and their mental health is never questioned, they are, after all, well educated professionals prepared for mass killing.

Which is more dangerous, a doctor killing our babies by appointment or an uneducated person who, in an outrage, breaks in and begins a killing spree? Any sane, healthy person would say, “both are unacceptable;” but for a nation infected with gangrene, we are no longer healthy or sane.

The odor of gangrene is a constant reminder, our days are numbered. America is in trouble and we don’t need another professional Ph.D. to help us, we need a God.

Steven L. Conley