Lots of military fat to cut

Sequester, ha! Cut the military to the bone. Our war machine is taking our life’s blood and our very thoughts of daily goodness to the brink of sheep being led to the vast pasture that awaits us all.

Can we change? We can change only if the word “peace” is front and center. The word “war” should always be in red to be avoided with all the intelligence and brain power we can apply to the question. Can we ever heal the scars of “war?” Young bodies are being held together by metal, minds in virtual terror of actions and deeds done to bring thriving societies to heel and install democracy. We are seemingly always fighting the windmill never to win. The enemy hails from on high extolling their beliefs in country, their “God” and family. Our playbook doesn’t and won’t listen to this because we know better.

The start of our return to sanity is a 30 percent cut in our military academies and all foreign students sent home immediately. No promotions in rank for two years. Cut the rank of all officers from general to major one grade. A fifth year added to graduation time, focusing on ethics, morality, truth, collegiality, relationships, discipline, justice, religions and cultures of the world and their place in the grand scheme. We need to raise the retirement to 60 years. Cut many goodies. No military connections with arms companies for five years following retirement with many restrictions on the cuddlesome closeness of weapons makers and these military men.

Close our military bases around the world by 60 percent. Warship building must stop, only those on the keel will continue slowly. Stop arms that we foist on people instead of food to the masses. Food distribution should be bottom up, not top down, with international food organizations through the U.N. as the watchful eye.

In America the eye of the needle will never be big enough to satisfy the greedy. Can our country come to that Jesus moment that we all need? The “plutonomy” of Wall Street that they know what’s best for our country has been proven out of whack with reality time after time.

Eugene A. DiClemente