Living a good life anyway

Once upon a time, a young, impetuous, self-seeking lad, in defense of his wandering, ask his Christian mother her reaction if she, in the end, found her godly living was but a colossal hoax – to which she wisely and sweetly replied, “Well now, son, wouldn’t I have lived a good life anyway?” End of questioning.

But for a few moments indulge with me, if you would, that kind of life. What if everyone on earth lived that kind of life? No more security systems at any level. No more police forces. No more military. No defense forces of any kind. No guards. No prisons. No military-style weapons of any caliber. And on top of this wonderland, no more lying, cheating, conniving or corruption at any level. Wow.

Of course, this would mean as well, no more sexual promiscuity, no divorce, no perversion, no child sacrifice, no racism, no more arrogance of intellectual elevation, which may lead some to refer to others as misguided, profoundly ignorant souls.

Of course, we all know this is but indulging in wonderland thinking. The Creator in the beginning gave to mankind the freedom of choice. My, oh my, what that has led to. So much intellectual reasoning that has led to the increasingly perverse society we now find ourselves in. Even so far, (not to mention, so much more) as to put the blame for evil actions upon inanimate objects.

Regardless of what freedoms we cede in the cause of becoming free from harm and the atrocities committed by those perhaps for our lack of godly values, harm will ever be dealt out until His coming ushers in the mother’s “Wouldn’t I have lived a good life anyway?”

Charles Lawrence