Chasing ambulances, DuPont

DuPont has been scorned long enough. It’s time to put the scorn where it belongs. The long, drawn out DuPont C-8 lawsuit is deceptively perverted. The original litigants in this lawsuit, who, no pun intended, I’ll call “Dirty Harry” and the “Dirty Dozen,” took their complaint to circuit court before crony Judge Hill.

Using the dubious ruse that C-8 was the culprit in elevated number of people being ill, they presented their case. And with our plaintiff-friendly, no-problem justice system, they prevailed with their insanity. “Dirty Harry” walked off with millions, and the “Dirty Dozen” with thousands.

In actuality, the factual sole reason for this lawsuit was a disgruntled ex-employee with a grudge that bordered on malice toward DuPont. At 5.1020 parts per billion it is highly unlikely, virtually impossible for C-8 to cause harm to anyone. This stuff isn’t arsenic. But is has caused mass hypochondria, especially when money could be involved.

And the three-member science panel? They had to come up with something harmful. After all, DuPont had already paid out millions of dollars. There are far worse things in our aquifer than C-8. Nitrates, phosphates, petrochemicals, lead, mercury, etc. How did anyone even find such a trivial amount of C-8? They were tipped off by the original litigant.

Most of the diseases the science panel came up with are so popular. Well, prevalent. Testicular cancer in men, thyroid disease in women, and high cholesterol in all of us. If you live to be past middle age, you are prone to have at least one of these illnesses. High cholesterol is almost a given past age 50.

Now I see the C-8 lawsuits have moved to Marietta. To the attorneys and all of the clients now and in the future who claim C-8 is responsible for any illness, I say “prove it.” You can’t. But you do have our sick, plaintiff-friendly, no-proof-no-problem justice system to play with.

And no, it is not “established now” that C-8 causes kidney cancer or anything else. Mr. Collins and his cohorts would be better served to get back out there and chase those ambulances.

I drank that C-8 water for 12 years, and it did have an effect on me. It caused me to be realistic. And I also let DuPont keep my $400.

Ron Gwynn