Bring back the whipping post

For sometime I have been observing the many school shootings and have watched the pros deliver their analysis as to the cause of this violence. They remind me of a deer hunter who fires 10 shots at a deer, but is very careful not to hit his target.

Let’s take a look at these murdering desperadoes and see what we find. In the Columbine shooting, who perpetrated this crime? It was school kids. In the Virginia Tech massacre, who was guilty of this offense? It was a school kid. In a Colorado theater killing, who was the dyed-hair redhead? He was a school kid. In the latest mass murder in Connecticut, who was the killer? A school kid who lived in a $1.4 million home’s dark basement watching video games.

What could be the common denominator of all these shootings? “A thumb exerciser” machine, which has a lot of buttons and a screen. The operation of this machine is to work thumbs as fast as you can so as to kill this one, knock this one off the cliff, blow that one up, etc.

It’s time for adults to awake and see what role they are playing in this lost segment of society. Almost every county in West Virginia has foiled attempts to cause violence in schools, including my county of Calhoun. We can blame guns, broken homes, mental imbalance, etc., but the main cause is allowing our youth to be raised by gadgets. We are not providing chores for children to do so they will learn work ethics instead of violence.

At age of 11, I would get up, go to the field, drive six cows from the barn and milk those cows. My mother prepared the milk for delivery. I would then carry it three miles to Grantsville and sell it for 14 cents a quart. I went through school this way. My brother Don also had this same routine. This was our regular job and in church every Sunday. When you have this responsibility, you don’t have much time for foolishness.

I have the answer for most crimes today. Bring back the “whipping post.” Let the sentence match the crime and every Monday morning administer 10 licks on the bare back with a cat of nine tails. This would eliminate crime. Even spitting on the sidewalk. I have other suggestions for punishment, but I didn’t want to start with one too harsh.

Ivy Yoak