The kindness of people

Last week I went to Kroger on Seventh Street to do some grocery shopping. I pushed the cart, brimming with my goods, to the back door of my SUV. When I opened the door, my constant companion and love of my life, Regal the Beagle, jumped out and hit the parking lot running. She sped in and out of parked cars while heading toward Seventh Street.

With visions of her going into traffic on a busy street, I was panic struck. Fear of losing my best friend tightened my chest as I went toward the road calling her. The tension reduced the air I could get into my lungs, so I asked a man for help. He was a good samaritan and went with me, both of us calling Regal; soon others joined us.

Finally, an employee at the Kroger filling station told us he got a call from the store to tell me the dog was inside Kroger. Regal had, in fact, gone back to the store. To her, she discovered a treasure trove of food probably thinking “so much food, so little time,” but I like to think she went in to look for me.

Several minutes that seemed like hours of sheer panic ended because of the kindness of Kroger employees and friendly shoppers.

Jim Pappas