People still depend on Saturday mail

For all those who are always referring to the Constitution of the United States, please read Section 8, paragraph 7, “The Congress shall have the power … to establish Post Offices and Post Roads.”

Back in 2006 the Congress passed a mandate “that the USPS pre-fund future retiree health benefits for the next 75 years, and do so within a decade, an obligation no other public agency or private firm faces. The roughly $5.5 billion annual payments since 2007 – $21 billion total – are the difference between a positive and negative ledger.”

What other company can function with such a crazy command?

Congress can fix the problem by rescinding the mandate or by extending the number of years to reach the goal.

What our great legislators do not realize is that people do rely on Saturday mailing especially in the rural areas. Many people get their newspaper through the post office and their movies, cards from friends, etc.

I want to say that having lived much of my life in rural areas of Ohio. I have been impressed with the carriers who seldom missed a day except for the 1998 and 2004 flood when the post office itself was flooded. My friends who live in those areas today need this service which is guaranteed by the Constitution. Now that I live in Williamstown. I am impressed with the people who work at the post office and those who carry our mail. This seems to be another attack on middle-class workers.

I encourage Bill Johnson, David McKinley, Ron Portman, Sherrod Brown, Jay Rockefeller, Joe Manchin to save the post office for all the rural residents of Ohio and West Virginia as well as those living in the villages and cities.

Margaret Meeker