A ‘thumbs up’ to the sheriff

I was surprised and saddened to see The News and Sentinel give Sheriff Ken Merritt a “thumbs down” for taking a strong stand for the Second Amendment. The sheriff signed a pledge, along with many other patriotic sheriffs across the country, stating he would not infringe upon the rights of citizens to own firearms should we see presidential or federal tyranny attempt to ban or restrict these rights.

The sentiment expressed in the editorial was that laws are to be enforced by county sheriffs regardless of personal views. Most Americans, however, know history well enough to remember that, at one time, the law demanded that runaway slaves had to be returned to their “owners.”

Personally, I stand with Merritt, and thank God for those sheriffs across the United States who would rather stand for constitutional liberties than obey the whims and dictates of misinformed, misguided leaders.

Charlie Read