Respect for our caretakers

They all call her JoJo, but her name is JoAnn. She had always gone by JoAnn and never liked it when people called her Jo, but sometimes when things change in your life it makes other things seem OK – this is one of those cases. As I would wheel her around the halls of the nursing home, every member of the staff we would see would smile and say “Hi JoJo!” Mom would smile really big at them when we would pass by.

You see, my mother lost her ability to speak some years ago and even though the staff had no idea about my mother’s dislike being called “Jo,” Mom knew they called her that lovingly and she was very much OK with it. Everyone there fell in love with her because of her sweet, loving personality.

After visiting my mother and seeing the treatment the residents receive from the staff of The Willows, I have the upmost respect for the people who spend their lives taking care of the residents that live here in a less than perfect situation. These caregivers have the toughest job that I can think of; they fall in love with the people they care for and then lose them just as the loved ones do. I have to say that I truly appreciate all of the love and care that was given to my mother as well as myself. Mother is in Heaven now and I just want to say, God bless the staff at The Willows and all caregivers.

I would like to challenge everyone to consider the necessity of nursing homes and such facilities to care for our elderly and disabled and give the respect deserved to all the folks that work in this profession.

Jim Wilson

Washington, W.Va.