Our sick care system

I can’t even take the flu vaccine talk anymore. I can’t figure out why Americans can be some of the most intelligent people in the world yet can’t seem to think for themselves. I am seeing a lot on the news and on Facebook posts about our need to get vaccinated. I’m not sure if you are seeing what is going on here folks. This year is the highest vaccination rate that we have ever had and more people got the flu vaccine this year than any other year.

Did the incidence of flu go down? No. It has gone up. So what is our answer – more flu vaccine? A booster? What is wrong with our health care … cough, cough… I mean sick care system?

Health, flu prevention, wellness comes from within. We don’t get sick because we are attacked by viral and bacterial tissue, we get sick because we are not properly prepared to handle it! Want to prevent it? Eat right. Exercise. Quit smoking. Limit your alcohol intake. Take some good vitamins! Sleep. And get adjusted.

Is it weird the people who do these things get sick less? You cannot think for one second that we are going to inject health into our bodies. It’s not possible. If that were the case, as the largest users of prescription medications in the world, we would be the healthiest country in the world. Are we? Nope. Not even close.

John Urban III