Let cool heads prevail on guns

A recent poll said 80 percent of Americans are religious, and of that number, most, it would be safe to say, are Christian. If that be true, given the current climate, wouldn’t it be reasonable to know what Christ thinks about weapons?

His admonition was given the night he was arrested. An armed posse, with swords drawn, were about to do harm to Christ and 11 of his disciples, when suddenly one of Christ’s own, presumably Peter, drew his sword and sliced off an ear of one of the posse, aiming probably to split the man’s head, resulting in an immediate response from Christ, which was “put away your sword, for one who lives by the sword shall die by the sword.”

So, there we have it – an answer to all this current talk about guns. As a Christian, I’m commanded by my Master to put them away.

I don’t know, I’m trying daily to formulate what as yet is an undefined brand of practical Christianity for me, especially in my interpreting the Second Amendment. “You cannot fight fire with fire.” Christ’s cool demeanor the night of his arrest defused what could have been a blood bath. I’m trusting people with cool heads prevail in our current gun control law debate.

John Bryan