Don’t humiliate students

I would like to respond to the letter written to the editor on Jan. 13 from Tracey Clark about the “bad kid fort.” Apparently, Clark has no idea what a special needs child is – he has a name; it’s Caleb Richards. He is a 15-year-old boy who is on medication and goes to therapy for his problem. The detailed handbook she talks about is an IEP, which stands for Individualized Education Program. Each teacher Caleb has is part of this program.

Clark speaks of the other children in the class deserve their time in that class which is correct, but do you suppose the day Caleb had to sit with this box, they were paying attention to the class assignment or were they watching this child be humiliated? If the teacher could not handle the disruption, why didn’t she just send Caleb to the principal or back to the special ed department. She would not have humiliated a “normal child” in this way.

As for the students in this class, they protested in front of the school the next day. They knew this was wrong to do to anyone. The parents’ so-called boo-hooing was to see that their son was treated no differently than a “normal student.”

I have a special needs grandson that will be graduating this year and he has been blessed with the greatest teachers Wood County has to offer. He is not treated special, he is expected to follow the rules just like everyone else. But when he doesn’t, that’s where the IEP comes into play.

I think Clark needs to spend some time in a class with children who have special needs and see just how well it works for them when every teacher follows the game plan.

Linda Brookover