Diabetes help is available

In The Parkersburg News and Sentinel Jan. 6 editorial page, I read with interest a letter about diabetes from Mr. Richards. I agree more endocrine physicians are needed in this area. However, there is other help in dealing with Type II diabetes in particular.

I recently joined the program ACTIVE out of Ohio University. They have ads in The News and Sentinel. This local program required commitment on my part, but was beneficial in providing me with a therapist in helping me deal with my recent diagnosis of type II diabetes, a personal trainer to help me learn to exercise, also dietary counseling.

This was all free of cost to me and in the entire process I lost 26 pounds, four inches from my hips, and three from my waist. I eat better, feel better and take no meds for my diabetes. My A1C is better and I now feel I can stay off meds and handle the challenges of type II the rest of my life. This was all done in a professional matter and the people I worked with were great.

Bonita Anderson