Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down

UP: To the participants in today’s News and Sentinel Half Marathon and Two-Mile Race; and in tomorrow’s Kids Day races. It takes hard work and training, but also a little guts, to get out there and join thousands of other people in such an activity. But every year, the Mid-Ohio Valley (and folks from around the world) come together to do it. Good luck out there, folks!

UP: To the local nonprofit organizations that keep our community running — and the donors that keep those nonprofits running. As noted by Stacey DeCicco, executive director of the United Way Alliance of the Mid-Ohio Valley, “When calling to invite everyone (to a celebration of local nonprofits), DuPont was so excited and wanted to contribute to help celebrate the hard work poured into the community.” That excitement led to a $60,000 donation that is to be distributed to 12 local nonprofits over the coming year.

DOWN: To those who continually, deliberately ignore that kicking the can down the road on school closure and consolidation will only make the problem worse — and that, in fact, had previous boards of education NOT kicked the can down the road, we would not be in a position that forces these decisions now. How many of you have told your children and grandchildren “Just rip off the Band-Aid. Do it quick. It will hurt worse if you drag it out,” or “Quit whining about it and get it over with. It’s got to happen one way or the other. You’re just prolonging the agony?” Guess what, folks. That’s where we are in Wood County Schools. And there is no counting on future residents and school boards to be comfortable doing the right thing, either. Better to be the ones with the courage to do it, than the ones who made the problem even larger.