Give Local MOV: Your donation can make a difference

Many local residents make special effort during Small Business Saturday to visit and spend a little money at locally owned shops, understanding the money makes far more impact here at home than if it had been spent at a national retailer. Today is our opportunity to do the same thing for local nonprofit organizations, but with a bonus: The money donated may be matched, or even trigger a larger financial prize for your favorite nonprofit.

Give Local MOV offers the chance to conveniently make donations online — — to more than one local nonprofit; and because of the Parkersburg Area Community Foundation, there is a limited amount of matching funds available to make your donation go further. There is a minimum donation ($10), but certainly no maximum.

Better still, local sponsors have made possible some special prizes. Donate at the right time, for example, and your favorite nonprofit could get the Early Bird or First Donation prizes (another $500 each); there are others, including most dollars raised and most donors.

Have fun with it, folks. This is a quick, easy way for you to do something good for the hard-working nonprofits that are themselves doing so much good for our communities.

If you have the means (and, again, the minimum donation is only $10) go to the website today and make a difference.