‘Bookzilla’: Encourage reading by picking up a book

It is wonderful to see kids get as enthusiastic about reading and libraries as did the Lubeck Elementary School students who teamed up with high school broadcasting students last week to stop “Bookzilla.”

Bookzilla is a monster driven mad by those who do not follow the rules and use good manners in the library. The students filmed a public service announcement to “reteach library rules in a fun way,” said Library Media Specialist Sonya Ashby, Bookzilla’s creator.

Also last week, students across the county got excited about reading in honor of Dr. Seuss’ birthday; and over in Marietta, the theme for downtown’s monthly First Fridays event was “Reading Rainbow.”

It is so easy, when one is young, to see the value in reading — to get excited about learning something new, or going on an adventure without ever leaving the room. Far too few adults hang on to that. Even by the time they are in high school, there are too many young people who read only what is required of them in class.

We may not be as easily influenced by the likes of Bookzilla, but the rest of us should take a look at these kids and remember what joy reading once brought to our lives. While you are encouraging your children to cultivate a love of reading and learning, set a good example and pick up a book or two for yourself — maybe even one you can read together.

The good it will do you both will be a lot more than simply keeping an angry green monster at bay.