Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down

UP: To neighbors who helped a wheelchair-bound Parkersburg woman escape a house fire Wednesday. There were no injuries — even two cats escaped the blaze needing nothing more than a little oxygen from firefighters. Kudos to those who saw someone in need of help and stepped in to a potentially dangerous situation. It is good to know we live in a community where such folks are still willing to do so.

UP: To the Bluefield Ministerial Association, for being willing to stand up and say Del. Eric Porterfield’s, R-Mercer, remarks about the gay community were inappropriate. Association member the Rev. Chad Slater, of Bluefield Episcopal Church, says “Scripture is clear that all people are made in the image of God,” which he says includes the LGBTQ community.

UP: To the annual opportunity for Chamber of Commerce of the Mid-Ohio Valley members to learn from and interact with state lawmakers and representatives from state offices. It is, of course, also a good chance for them to remind our local lawmakers of some Mid-Ohio Valley concerns that might get pushed to the side in the context of larger state discussions. As chamber president Jill Parsons said, “It is important for the chamber members to stay connected to government officials that when they have an issue, they know who to reach out to.”