Potholes: Special session on roads would be welcome

At least the potholes are good for something, according to state Sen. Randy Smith.

Smith, R-Tucker, explained during a discussion in the Senate about the sorry state of many secondary roads in West Virginia. He told fellow lawmakers that during a weekend trip back to his home, he saw ducks swimming in potholes.

“We’re in a crisis,” Smith commented. “We’ve got to do something and we have to do something quick.”

Certainly potholes are not the only problem on our secondary roads. Some areas are so narrowed by crumbling shoulders on one side and mudslides on the other that they are reduced to one lane.

Senate Finance Committee Chairman Craig Blair, R-Berkeley, had an idea. Why not invite all of the Department of Highways’ county superintendents to Charleston to talk about the problem? Blair thinks the 55 DOH officials might be able to provide helpful suggestions.

It is not a bad idea.

Legislators have too much on their plates to do anything during their current 60-day regular session, however. But why not set up a special session on roads for later in the year, and talk to the county superintendents then? In the meantime, perhaps lawmakers will also have a clearer idea of how much money will be available — and where the money will come from — to tackle the problem.

At this point, many West Virginians would agree: It’s worth a try.