Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down

UP: To Parkersburg City Council’s willingness to explore options for tackling the problem of vacant, dilapidated buildings in the city. It is too soon to tell whether an idea to sell houses for as little as $1 to occupants who have the resources to fix them up is a good one, but it is worth studying.

UP: To Wood County Board of Education President Rick Olcott, for acknowledging this week that “Our school system is facing a much larger challenge … We can’t continue to be operating from 27 schools and remain financially viable.” He was speaking specifically to school service personnel when he said difficult conversations will have to take place. Let us hope those difficult conversations — and the difficult decisions that follow — will involve ALL possibilities for right-sizing the school system to best serve our students.

UP: To introduction of a bill in West Virginia that would allow first responders to rescue animals that are locked in a vehicle and appear to be in danger. Efforts would be made to find the owners first, of course, but the bill would allow law enforcement officers and other first responders to legally break into locked cars, if common sense dictates an animal is in need.