Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down

UP: To both Contour Airlines and the Wood County Airport Authority for having written into their contract language that says if the airline does not maintain a 95 percent completion rate, the airport authority can terminate the agreement, with notice. Clearly both entities understand how important reliability — and predictability — are to the future of both Contour’s relationship with Mid-Ohio Valley residents and the airport, itself.

UP: Though it comes a few days late, to our local law enforcement officers. Wednesday was National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day, and our local officers give us their best — sacrificing their own safety and wellbeing to keep the rest of us safe — every day. Thank you, folks, for all you do.

UP: To Delegate Bill Anderson, R-Wood, for understanding none of Gov. Jim Justice’s grand pronouncements about the state’s finances mean we “need to go out and spend like a crazy sailor;” and to Delegate John Kelly, R-Wood, who perhaps can get behind some of the important ideas Justice tossed out during his State of the State address this week, but would like to first “look at it and see if the money is available to do it.” Optimism is a wonderful thing. West Virginians cannot afford to be more than cautiously optimistic, for the moment, and thank goodness most of our lawmakers seem to understand that.

UP: To the lawmakers who have decided not to take home their paychecks when so many who truly WORK for the American people are unable to, during the partial federal government shutdown. At least six of our local members of Congress, on both sides of the river, have had their salaries withheld or are donating the money.