Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down

UP: To Pomeroy Police Chief Mark Proffitt, who was off-duty and shopping at Gabe’s last weekend when he saw a pair of alleged shoplifters. After attempting to help stop them inside the store, Proffitt followed the two, alerting local law enforcement to the pursuit and their whereabouts. He was able to let local officers know where the two had stopped. Both suspected were apprehended, and allegedly stolen merchandise was recovered.

UP: To an idea out of Huntington, where a goal has been set for the city to collectively walk 5 million miles in 2019. Though Parkersburg has a considerably smaller population, it is not unreasonable to think local residents could work toward a similar goal — 3 million miles, maybe? There are plenty of beautiful places to walk, in our community, and a little extra movement can make a big difference in terms of weight and plenty of other health concerns. Think about it. Don’t let Huntington show us up.

DOWN: To drivers who, whether because of intentional recklessness or simply not paying attention, run red lights and commit other traffic violations. In the case of one intersection at Fifth and Juliana streets, that meant two dramatic wrecks in the span of two days. “You have to be alert and pay attention to traffic lights,” said Lt. Greg Nangle of the Parkersburg Police Department.